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About us


wyBatap was formed in 1992 to answer the demand for outstanding customer service in the fast food restaurant industry.  Creating new ways to use the computer as a business tool greatly contributed to our success.  We provided instant access to business information and made informed business decisions.
After 8+ years in the fast food restaurant industry, I am now focusing completely on personal and business computing.
I have been in the computer business for 39 years including 24 years with IBM.  I started using personal computers in 1980 when IBM introduced them.
Networking (wireless and wired), data recovery, backup, application installation, anti-virus & spyware, hardware repair and upgrade are some of the services I provide. 
No matter what your experience level is (beginner to expert) I am available for phone consultation.
Flexible hours to suit your schedule.

Here's (in PDF form) what appeared in the September, 2007 NothStar Monthly.


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