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RETIRED! -- .  This is what I did BEFORE I retired.
Networking -- (wireless and wired).  Install a new network or add to an existing one.  Add wireless to your network or add a wireless network.
Data recovery -- Is your hard disk dying?  Did you delete a file and wish you could get it back?  In many cases I can recover data that is apparently lost.  Please note that it is not true in all cases, especially where there is physical damage to the medium.
Backup -- Are your system(s) backed up??  They should be.  It is not a question of IF a computer goes down.  The question is WHEN the computer goes down how well prepared are you?
Application installation -- Is there a new application that you would like to add to your system, but aren't sure how to do it?  Want to add QuickBooks to track your business financials?  Or Quicken
to track personal finances?  Want to add a professional application but don't have the time to figure it all out?  I can help -- Call me.
Anti-virus & spyware -- Are you protected as well as you need to be against intruders and spies?  I can make sure you are.
Hardware repair  and upgrades -- Is your current computer giving you grief?  Are you getting error messages?  Do you wish it ran faster?  Do you wish you could burn CDs and DVDs?  Call me, I'll check out your system and tell you where the bottle necks are.  I can and fix or replace malfunctioning and underfunctioning hardware.
Phone consultation --  is available to everyone no matter what your experience level is from beginner to expert.
Flexible hours -- I work to suit your schedule.
Custom Programming to handle unique situations in your business.  Extract data from your files and make reports the way you want them.


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